' We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. '
A. Einstein

SCRUM i nie tylko

Rozdzielenie spraw - qagile=Agile

Logo QAgileJeśli wydaje Ci się, że pojawia się tutaj mało nowych treści, to masz rację. Wszystkie posty dotyczące Agile, Scrum, Testowania i tematów pokrewnych są przeniesione i będą pojawiały się na www.qagile.pl. Starsze posty już są tam przeniesione. Tutaj pozostaną posty bardziej osobiste, w temacie psychologii, NLP, obserwacji itd. Można powiedzieć, że to będzie na prawdę bardziej osobisty blog. Podsumowując po posty agilowe zapraszam na www.qagile.pl/blog.

Tester freaked out?

What can be the possible consequences of not fixing a bug for more than seven years? Tester found a bug in MySQL and you can read from the incident report that the bug has not been fixed now for about ten years. Check what happened when the defect was seven year old.

Professional Scrum Master I how to pass PSM I assessment

PSM I logoI just passed my Professional Scrum Master I certification test again and I would like to share with you my fresh experience. I hope that you can learn from it and pass the test or score higher. I did the PSM I once more, because I need 95% or more to apply for Professional Scrum Trainer. My scores were 91%, 93% and now 96%, so I think I can give some advice to you. No worries, you don't need to have such a high score.

What's the difference between a Scrum Master and a Agile Coach

I think I have mentioned a few time already the amazing phenomenon of Agile Coach propagation recently. Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Team Lead all of the sudden turn into Agile Coaches. Scrum Master has done two projects with scrum - BAM! - Agile Coach. Project Manager has heard that managers are not very popular in Agile environment - BAM! - Agile Coach. So don't be surprised if your manager instead of casual "I need to talk to you" or "Do you have a moment for me?" will say now "I need to coach you for a second.".

Finally, training with James Bach organized!

Krystian Kaczor with James Bach

Finally it has come together. I organized Rapid Software Testing class with James Bach. In total from the moment we have started talking about it it took about two years. First the idea was to organize the training in Poland, but finally the training was organized in the Netherlands.

Quote of the month

Frank: I am waiting for answer from Coen.
Krystian: Have you asked the question?
Frank: Yes, But he wasn't here.
Krystian: Ok, again. Have you asked the question? :)

Explain Scrum under 10 minutes

You can explain Scrum framework in under 10 minutes. Good example is the movie below.

How long does it take to master Scrum? Years.

Quotes of the Month

Sprint backlog item on SMART board

My training in Coaching and path to certification takes so much time, that I can bearly find so time for reflection. So this time they are quotes from few months.

Here they are:

  • "It's already DONE. It needs to be only implemented."
  • "Nothing can be done in 3 hours."
  • "Estimation process in planning 'Bargaining' like the Thai cloths market"
  • "Blocking task waiting.. waiting.. waiting."

One Scrum to bring them all

I got it totday in email from my manager. I don't know the original source

"Three Scrums for the Sr Management in the sky,
Seven for the Product Managers in their cubicals of cloth,
Nine for Developers doomed to open office,
One for the Dark Scrum Master on his dark throne
In the Land of Agile where the Stories lie.
One Scrum to rule them all, One Scrum to find them,
One Scrum to bring them all and in the backlog bind them."